Footwear agent shop

Footwear agent shop


The system of Vietnamese fashion shoes export Uno Fashion would like to send sincere thanks to all customers / partners who have been and will accompany us. Right from the first days of establishment, we are constantly striving to develop designs, designs, colors and quality of products. Up to now, we are not only proud to have captured the love of office women but also are admired by domestic and international fashion followers, step by step, step by step to become one of the women's footwear brands. top of Vietnam

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Development principles with agents:

  • Always looking for cooperation opportunities as well as willing to share business opportunities and benefits with Agents.
  • Always pay attention to the Agent and make reasonable adjustments to improve the efficiency of cooperation and business relations between the two parties in order to build a long-term partnership.
  • Always timely support as well as commitment to support and maximum sharing with the Agent before the fluctuations of the market and competition.
  • Always considering the development of product quality as the top priority, the strategy of product diversification to serve the diverse needs of customers is the core factor that elevates the VNXK shoe system and creates more and more profits. business for Agents.
  • With the determination to build a nationwide agent system with the motto "Cooperation for Mutual Benefits" Here are some preferential policies in the development of a system of Vietnamese shoe agents for export.

Reasons Should be an agent of Uno Fashion:

Agent support policy:

  1. Supported with the cost of the signboard system. Be consulted and provide design signs, furniture and poster templates ... Uno Fashion regulates the level of support depending on the location and based on the value of the first order of the Agent.
  2. Consulted on standard interior design according to the brand identity with the lowest cost.
  3. Affiliates are supported with a list of banners, posters in accordance with Uno Fashion brand orientation… depending on the program.
  4. Affiliates are entitled to a fixed discount on the sales order and a direct discount on the selling price.
  5. To be given priority to choose and order new models. Unlimited size compensation with the samples taken.
  6. Commit to support / advise Agent to build human resources and provide product training for its sales team.
  7. Information is posted on the website and at the same time has the right to exploit the company's website to sell goods via online channels.
  8. On the basis of the results of cooperation and payment history, the Agent will enjoy the best price incentives.
  9. Being consulted on how to manage data, handing over strict management methods to ensure revenue for individuals who have to manage the store remotely.
  10. Supported marketing clears inventory.
  11. Commitment to transport goods within 72 hours after receiving the agent's order.

Requirements for agents:

  1. Do not trade products of the same type off the stream.
  2. The selling price to the end customer is guaranteed to match the suggested retail price of Uno Fashion. Not dumping affects brand image and price policy.


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